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INVT & Daimler Trucks and Buses cooperation is expected

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At present, China's pure electric commercial vehicle market is booming and has become increasingly mature. In this context, Daimler trucks and buses, affiliated to the Daimler group, held a unique exhibition and exchange meeting of electric vehicle parts suppliers in Beijing on June 4, in order to develop more excellent electric vehicle suppliers in China. INVT electric vehicle drive technology(Shenzhen)co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as INVT), as a leading enterprise in the field of electric control system in China, is invited by Daimler trucks and buses to attend the conference with its most advanced electric vehicle main control five in one and auxiliary control three in one Inverter.

At the meeting, Daimler trucks and buses management team made a wonderful speech, detailed introduction of Daimler bus and truck strategic layout, organizational structure and procurement requirements. At the same time, its related senior management and engineering team conducted in depth discussions and communicated with the participating suppliers about the current situation of the new energy vehicle market and technology.

During the event, Daimler trucks and buses team have a strong interest in the Invt GVD series controllers. The mature integrated solution, modular, high control efficient solutions were given the highly appreciated by Daimler team, and put forward to have face to face meeting in Invt R&D base and production base in Shenzhen for further communication.

On June 6, Daimler trucks and buses management and technical team as scheduled to visit the INVT headquarters in Shenzhen, visited our R&D base and production base. Daimler team said, “Invt R&D and automatic production capacity impressed them. The speed of Chinese electric vehicles development has help us become the ahead of the industry, and we have worked tirelessly to get where we are today”

During Daimler’s visiting, Daimler truck and buses team and our technical team conducted in depth communication on electric drive products and solution. The two sides expressed the hope to further deeper cooperation in the future, and jointly make a contribution to the international electric commercial vehicle market and contribute to the promotion of global new energy vehicles.