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INVT's commercial vehicle powertrain system is thorough and specifically tailored to every client and commercial vehicle including bus, logistics vehicle, sanitation vehicle. The efficient match with ...

  • Dongfeng New Energy Vehicle CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    In 2015, INVT formed a strategic partnership with Dongfeng, a leading domestic new energy special vehicle enterprise.
  • Geely Commercial Vehicle CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    Since 2015, INVT has become the official supplier of Geely commercial vehicle, the most influential new energy commercial vehicle enterprise in east China.
  • Sinotruk CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    In 2015, INVT became the qualified supplier of Sinotruk.
  • FAW liberation/FAW JiefangRelease time:2019-05-08
    Since 2017, Invt has officially become a partner of FawJiefang, one of the largest automobile enterprises in China.
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