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Whole set of powertran system with flexible configuration could be applied to new energy passenger vehicle. The features such as advanced topological structure and function design, AutoSAR software a...

  • Dongfeng passenger car CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    In 2019, powertrain system solutions including GVD520 series +GVCU500 series were successfully applied in DongFeng passenger car project.
  • Geely CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    Since 2018, Invt has become the most famous new energy vehicle enterprise in east China -- Geely automobile supplier.
  • ZOTYE CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    In 2018, INVT has supplied Zotye with powertrain system solutions including the IFL100 series electric passenger vehicle drivers for the T300 series models.
  • AIWAYS CasesRelease time:2019-05-08
    In 2018, Invt has become a new force in car manufacturing -- AIWAYS automobile supplier
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